Dare To Dream

I've made some changes. After working in a home studio for 15+ years, I have decided to take a leap of faith and open a studio/retail store in our little town.  At this time, most of the world is shut down due to Covid-19. So why am I opening up when everything is shutting down? Because the opportunity presented itself and my (prayerful) gut told me to.

In Jessica Swift‘s eBook “Jump, Trust, Repeat”, she inspires all of us to reach for our creative dreams. I totally agree with Jessica when she says…"I want to share what I know and what I’ve learned, and I want to inspire creative people to move boldly toward their dreams, because I truly believe that the more people in the world who are living their dreams and creating their own futures, the better our world will be. And I believe it’s 100% possible for us each to live our wildest dreams."

I will admit, it is scary and has been a very slow process so far, but I'm still moving forward. Risk, or rot?

Are you following your creative dreams... doing something that scares you terribly but feels right at the same time?